Hire Sam

Hello there. I'm Sam. I was previously the VP of Engineering at Seesaw and Lead iOS Engineer at Hipstamatic. Here's my recent projects and Github profile if you're curious.

I am available for iOS, Mac, and Ruby on Rails consulting.


$300 per hour. The rate is non-negotiable. All time needs to be booked ahead of time. I will require half down up front. Minimum of 5 hour ($1,500) commitment.


Limited to 20 hours a week. More hours may be possible upon request.

Jul 21–Jul 27: Booked
Jul 28–Aug 3: Booked
Aug 4–Aug 10: Available
Aug 11–Aug 17: Available
Aug 18–Aug 24: Available
Aug 25–Aug 31: Available
Sep 1–Sep 7: Available
Sep 8–Sep 14: Available
Sep 15–Sep 21: Available
Sep 22–Sep 28: Available
Sep 29–Oct 5: Available
Oct 6–Oct 12: Available

You should talk to my friends at Oven Bits if you need work done sooner. They do very professional and high quality work. Tell them I sent you.


I prefer not to sign NDAs. If this is a requirement for you, there is a $3,000 fee to sign your NDA. You will need to sign my consulting agreement. It has confidentiality agreement included. Sample Consulting Agreement.

To schedule work or for additional information, email Sam.